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Default Cedar Planter Boxes wrote:
"hoseman" wrote in message
I am not sure if this has been covered here before (I am sure it has)
but i am looking for basic plans for cedar planter boxes. I have been
all over the net and have not been able to locate any site that has
free drawings of round, rectangular, or even square planters. I am a
novice at this and I thought if I joined here I amy get some advice and
assistance. If any one can help me I sure would appreciate it.


not difficult at all dude. I used 6x1 inch or 8x1 h3 treated pine. Decide
how high, long and wide you want, cut to the right lengths, hammer together
using suitable nails at each end and underneath. Drill holes in bottom. Cut
4x2 pine to form feet, one at either end and 1 or 2 in the middle. Not great
works of art, fairly redimentary but sturdy and rustic looking. Will last 20

Yes it will, but you mustn't use treated lumber for areas where any food
crop will be grown.