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Default Edging revisited... true edger vs. attachment edger

Timothy wrote:
On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 18:06:33 -0700, iman5802 wrote:

Good day iman5802. It sounds like your 'riding' the concrete way too much
when your edging. You shouldn't see sparks very much when you edge. After
the first few times of edging, you should have a 1/2 inch wide cut along
your concrete where you can run your blade and trim off the grass.

Depending on the soil movement, foot traffic and the like, the edge should
stay rather true and not fill in very much. You will find it's easier to
edge if you do it every time you mow. Try to edge when the soil is dry.
It's a lot easier to do and less work for the blade.

Wheeled edger Vrs stick edger.
I own both. I use the wheeled edger for badly over-grown edges. After the
edge has been 'found' again, I use the stick edger. Stick edgers are very
easy to use compared to wheeled edgers and work very well for dirt edges
in a lawn area. These flower bed edges tend to have curves in them that
are hard to do with a wheeled edger, while a stick edger gives you much
more freedom and speed.

Wheeled edgers have lots more power but less moveability. Stick edgers
have less power but are more capable of detailed work.

Thanks for the reply. I agree, I think I often try to get so close to
the "edge" that I do wear the blade too much. I'll work on cutting a
little further into the lawn. I think the stick edger may indeed be
easier to use and thus more convenient than having to use 3 or 4
different tools to do the lawn (mower, edger, weedeater, blower)...