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Default Edging revisited... true edger vs. attachment edger

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 12:12:01 -0700, trader4 wrote:

You can't beat a true edger for ability to quickly get the job done and to
cut through areas that haven't been done in a long time. The tradeoff is
they cost more and are one more thing to store.

I have a Troy Bilt combo string trimmer and edger. I'm very happy with
it. I have about 150 ft of edging to do and it works fine as long as you
do it about every month or so. If there is a lot to do and it hasn't been
done in a long time and is tough, then it may be best to rent a regular
one for the first time. But given that it changes from an edger to a
trimmer in a minute and stores easily, it's an excellent choice for the
right application.

I tend to agree for the most part when it comes to the average home
-owner. I can't say that I like the Troy Bilt brand very much though. They
just don't hold up over time and they look funny. I know what are looks
about, but still... just funny. Ryobi makes rock solid engines, don't know
about the rest of the machine tho....

Btw, what newsreader do you use? I've read many of your post and you never
quote. This makes it very hard to follow the thread.


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