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Hi Len,

Doing very well. Its been a year now since I had my kidney transplant in
Adelaide, where I stopped in to see Ted's sister, Catherine. Unfortunately
she had just come back from their brother John's funeral in Queensland, so
the atmosphere was a bit subdued.

Other than that, all is good, I'm looking for work because I have a goal of
getting out of this unit and back into a house with some land around it!!!!

I hope you are doing very well. My regards to Ted and Sheena.


"gardenlen" wrote in message
hello judanne,

how are you these days hope all things are faring well for you,
suppose you are getting all the snuggle ready for the coming winter?

going great guns up this way in new suburban home now with lots to do

so see ya later hey and take care

With peace and brightest of blessings,


"Be Content With What You Have And
May You Find Serenity and Tranquillity In
A World That You May Not Understand."