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Diana Kulaga
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Default Everyone should want one...

Thanks for the info, but did you have to rub it in? You're all done
repotting?? Isn't that unAmerican or something?

Frank & I are working on it, LOL! Every time we think we have it under
control we find three (or five) more that need help. We keep on plugging


"Gene Schurg" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
First of all...I'm done repotting for the year! I hate repotting...It's

This year I found two tools that didn't make it fun but at least helped
it better.

The first was a galvanized feed scoop that I found at the "local" feed
store. It's great for scooping large amounts of dry or wet mix out of the
big plastic bin I store it in. It also is great for scooping pro-mix (or
other soiless mix) you may use for your other plants. They cost less than
$10 and I have a couple of them so there is always one at my reach (in the
garage, basement, etc).

The second tool I found at the Garden shop at Target. It's a scoop as
but more of an oversized garden spade. It has a handle and looks like one
of those flour scoops on steroids. It's stainless steel so it won't rust
and is easy to clean up. I use it to scoop the potting mix and put it in
the pots. You have good control and because of it's size you can get a
of mix or just a wee bit. Cost less than $8.

I've tried many different homemade products from cut up plastic jugs to
flower pots to do the job but these really did the job better.

Just thought I'd pass it to my fellow orchidists!