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Default Staking tomatoes - first time

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I'm growing tomatoes in pots and need some advice. The plants are now
about 12-18 inches high and I think it's time to stake them (probably
should've done that weeks ago). I don't want to damage the roots and I
don't want to spend a lot of money for something elaborate. I'd rather
just use tree limbs/sticks then to buy cages at the store.

How would I go about staking them with sticks (heavy, non breakable
ones of course)? Should I use some sort of teepee setup? I've never
done that before so any advice would be great.

Look for low-cost bamboo stakes. One and a half metres long is

I like one set next to the main stem of the plant, plus three
more in a tripod, with all four tied together near the top.

Regular packaging type string is fine for loosely tying the
tomato limbs to the nearest stake.

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