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Default Edging revisited... true edger vs. attachment edger

"Timothy" wrote in message
On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 02:34:01 +0000, I Love Lucy wrote:

Good day I Love Lucy,
Thanks for the comment on the link. I never have time to build up the
content on the site. Guess I'll have to go at it in the winter again.

A stick edger is an edger that looks very much like a string trimmer
"weed-eater"), but instead of having string head on it it has an edger

The edger that you describe would be called a foot edger. They can
give a
high quality edge but are time consuming. To get better performance
your foot edger, sharpen the blade with a file. Just sharpen one side
the blade. While you have the file in your hand, run it over your
and weeding tools also. You'll be shocked how much nice it is to dig
a sharp shovel.

So that's what it is called. It's a wicked thing, couldn't believe how
sharp it was when it came. I don't happen to have a file, maybe I do
somewhere, usually take everything to the hardware store for that sort
of thing.

Yes, everything needs sharpening around here, especially my photos, and
I'm slowly gaining on it. If I could learn to sharpen things, it would
be a great help as I noticed my tin snips are loose and dull and my bulb
planters I can't get in the ground and my one shovel which is flat that
I like, also my tile spades, all could use a sharpening. I can't life
heavy dirt like I used to be able to. Used a kid's shovel to prepare my
flower beds this year. Got the job done, and the plants don't seem any
the worse for it. With some it's touch and go, but it goes with the
territory no matter how well you dig. But this isn't the garden forum
so I'd better shut up about that.

When I pick up my door at the hardware store, I'll ask them how to do
it. In the meantime, will look for the one file I had at one time and
put that on my list if I can't find it. I swear I bought a big roll of
heavy plastic for all sorts of things and can't find it anywhere. Makes
me mad. As soon as I buy a new roll, it will turn up.

Have a nice day........... 80)

You have a nice day, too. It was hot but bearable today. Will no doubt
get worse as the summer progresses.

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