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Diana Kulaga
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Default Everyone should want one...

What Sue said!


"Susan Erickson" wrote in message
On 16 Jun 2006 20:53:27 -0700, "jtill" wrote:

I thought you all would be in S/H with only up-potting need.
Joe T

Paphs and Phrags are in S/H. Some of the pots have 'aged' to be
brittle and need to be swapped out before they break.
Ascda are in baskets some with and some with out packing peanuts.
That still leaves Catts, Dens, Phals, and misc. Some of the Bulbos
need to be moved to rafts. They are trying to colonize a bench from a
small pot.

When you have plants there is always a need to repot.