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Default June 17th Saturday; WARNING To All Groups - Dick

On rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc, in
, "Koi-Lo"

These messages are becoming as irritating as the trolls. It is
fine for people to choose to go to google, but why warn them from
the Usenet?

Filters Dick... They work wonders...

I think he's just warning the people on these Usenet groups to go
to the *moderated* Google fish and pond NGs. The trolls can't
impersonate legitimate posters, forge headers and post their smut
on moderated Google boards or forums as they're doing here. As
you can see most of the regulars have abandoned these groups
rather than subject themselves to what's going on.

Nah, ITS just trolling the group for converts.
And I really meant "IT" since it is most likely just a bot.

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