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Default June 17th Saturday; WARNING To All Groups - Dick

"Lone Gunman" wrote in message
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"cat daddy" wrote:

Nah, ITS just trolling the group for converts.
And I really meant "IT" since it is most likely just a bot.

Strange you should say that, since it's been Carol posting
these remailer warnings since Day 1.

Unless you can whip out conclusive proof, say like a signed email
from one of the Anon servers with the headers from the one who is
posting those messages you have no agrument.

Pfttt...... We've had this conversation before.

And it's not worth
arguing over things that can't be proven, because at this point
even I could be one behind all those anon posts (sleepwalker?).

Content of a post can't be proof since anyone can cut & paste and
just asking how to doesn't mean you successfully did...

(Yes, I did history check some of Carol's past)

Well, I was there when it was happening, and saw the blundering results
spewed on RP, so I have a different perspective.

My take on her is that she is either one of the most brilliant social
engineers on the face of the planet or one of the most dense grannies
that ever stalked the Usenet. That's not to say she doesn't have a
lot of help on here side, but from my own dealings with here I don't
think she could keep anyone for very long.

No, everyone gives her far too much credit.

And, far too much benefit of a doubt......... Most nice people do that as
a matter of course when presented with obsessed k00ks.