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Default June 17th Saturday; WARNING To All Groups - Dick

On rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc, in
m, "cat daddy"

Unless you can whip out conclusive proof, say like a signed email
from one of the Anon servers with the headers from the one who is
posting those messages you have no agrument.

Pfttt...... We've had this conversation before.

Not likely, but I do tend to form opinions based on the strength of
the information available. Carol is far from a victim, bringing most
of this on herself, but I still don't see how she's could do
everything said in her name (outside of slander).

Well, I was there when it was happening, and saw the blundering
results spewed on RP, so I have a different perspective.

Toss me a time frame VIA email. Can't say it will change much, but I
am a little more receptive then I once was. If anything I could add
it to list of HitB's past transgressions (for future use).

No, everyone gives her far too much credit.

And, far too much benefit of a doubt... Most nice people do that
as a matter of course when presented with obsessed k00ks.

Never said I was much of a nice person, just can't develop that much
spit over second hand words from others...

Well, bedtime. Much to do tomorrow.

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