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Default June 17th Saturday: Troll Free Groups - Att: Dick - PLEASE READ!

*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.

"Dick" wrote in message
On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 01:53:52 -0500, "Koi-Lo" ?@...բ wrote:
You may change your mind in time. Besides, there will soon be no one left
here but the trolls........ and they'll move on to do the same thing to
another NG, finding another reason, another target-victim......

As a kid I learned, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names
and faces will never harm me."
Not everyone feels hurt by name calling.

It's not just the boring redundant juvenile name calling and porn messages
Dick. It's the netkkoping and the constant slander. Ed for example though
he was doing a good thing for the group and they ketkkoped him and called
him a plagiarizer.

Leaving the group is another nail in its coffin.

This is true and this is what the trolls and malicious people want. It's a
victory of sorts for them, and they don't deny it. It gives them a large
ego boost. If they would only put all that energy and all that planning and
all that hiding and all that net-stalking and all that time into *positive
actions* here on Usenet, think how great that would be. :-)

People who come to Usenet groups are familiar with trolls.
Nasty, hateful subjects or bodies are easy to spot.

Again, this is true but some people don't want to put up with them and the
trolls know it.

The Usenet is worth some effort. Monitoring, sorting and responding
to legitimate posts is something I can do.

Yes it is, but as the trolls get more malicious and destructive with better
software and technology, they will in the end kill all or most of Usenet.
Why? Because they can,... it gratifies or satisfies some need they have
they can't satisfy any other way but by hurting others. Add the fact that
ISPs no longer care how their customers abuse their service. Their TOS and
AUPs are a joke.

I understand people leaving, I resent posts urging people to avoid.
I get very suspicious since urging people to leave has the same result
as the trolls trashy behavior.

I know what you mean. However, when a new person comes in and receives a
really nasty reply or sees the porn, they'll leave anyway. I know
that's what I've done when I've been to a new NG that was under attack by
malicious trolls.
If this goes as I've seen it go on other NGs, the trolls will soon
congratulate themselves on cleansing these groups of, get this,... "trolls."

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*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.
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