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Default June 17th Saturday: Troll Free Groups - Att: Dick - PLEASE READ!

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 09:43:06 -0500, "Koi-Lo" ?@...բ wrote:

*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.

Get over it Carol, its old news and does not mean a ****ing thng to
anyone but you.

"Dick" wrote in message
.. .
On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 01:53:52 -0500, "Koi-Lo" ?@...բ wrote:
You may change your mind in time. Besides, there will soon be no one left
here but the trolls........ and they'll move on to do the same thing to
another NG, finding another reason, another target-victim......

As a kid I learned, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names
and faces will never harm me."
Not everyone feels hurt by name calling.

It's not just the boring redundant juvenile name calling and porn messages
Dick. It's the netkkoping and the constant slander. Ed for example though
he was doing a good thing for the group and they ketkkoped him and called
him a plagiarizer.

ED Alston did no good for anynone except what benefited him and only
him.....He is of the same mindset as Carol Gulley. I suspect old ED
Alston got the bounce from Frontiernet with his attrocities.........or
else he is still cowering under the skirts of his
momma.......Hopefully the former, as he was a loser anyhow. I am not
for netkoppig, but if someone done him in, so be it and lalthe power
to them.......ED Alston deserved it just for being a total asshole.
Perhaps a google search on his various NYMs would be of interest as he
seemed to have a pretty dark side from what I found......very very the point of being a pervert, and kinky as hell........

Leaving the group is another nail in its coffin.

We use screws and rivets not nails......

This is true and this is what the trolls and malicious people want. It's a
victory of sorts for them, and they don't deny it. It gives them a large
ego boost. If they would only put all that energy and all that planning and
all that hiding and all that net-stalking and all that time into *positive
actions* here on Usenet, think how great that would be. :-)

Our energies is only being used to set the facts right about Koi Lo
aka Carol Gulley and her bullshit and sock puppet army that she uses
to infest forums with that do not grant her the her highness title she
thinks she deserves.

People who come to Usenet groups are familiar with trolls.
Nasty, hateful subjects or bodies are easy to spot.

Yea, but its what CArol Gulley and lots of others thrives on.....and
they refuse to kill file them . They can not resist reading whats said
about them. They thrive on this attention.
Again, this is true but some people don't want to put up with them and the
trolls know it.

I feel sorry for them folks, but if they post and get involved ina
fued then so be it, they get what they get in return. Keep the dog on
the prch and ignore. Use kill filters. There is a way to stil use and
enjoy these forums, but most folks are just too ignorant to use and do
what they ned to do...and would rather whine about it.
The Usenet is worth some effort. Monitoring, sorting and responding
to legitimate posts is something I can do.

No such things in real life., Real and meaningfull ony to whoever
posts it.

Yes it is, but as the trolls get more malicious and destructive with better
software and technology, they will in the end kill all or most of Usenet.
Why? Because they can,... it gratifies or satisfies some need they have
they can't satisfy any other way but by hurting others. Add the fact that
ISPs no longer care how their customers abuse their service. Their TOS and
AUPs are a joke.

They dowhat they have to do, and raise the notch one or two levels as
well. Its ok for CArol Gulley to do what she wants, so why not others
without being called a troll. ONly real troll here is CArol Gulley aka
Koi Lo

I understand people leaving, I resent posts urging people to avoid.
I get very suspicious since urging people to leave has the same result
as the trolls trashy behavior.

Folks leave because they are tired of CArol Gulleys dragging her trash
and baggage from group to group..........folks are tired of CArol
Gulley......afteral she is what brings in the unwanted posts. Without
CArol those posrts would not occur.........but still CArol insisits on
imflaming groups and posters with her assinine posts and lies.

I know what you mean. However, when a new person comes in and receives a
really nasty reply or sees the porn, they'll leave anyway. I know
that's what I've done when I've been to a new NG that was under attack by
malicious trolls.

Why not, the less noise to deal with the better so more
concentration can be givento the problem at
hand....CarolGulley......In all wars there is collateral damage and if
they the newbies get wacked, so be it,
If this goes as I've seen it go on other NGs, the trolls will soon
congratulate themselves on cleansing these groups of, get this,... "trolls."

The so called people yu call trolls will only be done with their work
when CArol Gulley is off USENET.......If the groups get back to
normal, fine, if not, its a small price to pay and only CArol Gulley
can be blamed for it.

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