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Default June 17th Saturday: Troll Free Groups - Att: Dick - PLEASE READ!

On rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc, in
"Koi-Lo" wrote:

When trolls invade a NG no one wins. If you don't reply they
call you a troll anyway, and get more vicious to get your
attention. They put the blame on you no matter what you do,
even when you ignore them! If you do reply to them, they call
you a troll because you replied. snip

Trolls are what trolls do...
That is how it's been since before the great renaming.

I have told you before Carol, the reason they troll you is because
you have never stopped feeding them, ever. Eleven years of builtup
momentum is hard to stop, and I for see it getting only worse.

No Carol, you were never a troll; you are simply the ultimate in
troll bait, a replicating catalyst for the pupetual machine.

If they change their nyms or steal yours to impersonate you,
it's OK with them as they feel you "deserve" their abuse.

If we change our NYMs to impersonate others, we are trolls. We are
not trying to had the fact we are trolls Carol, far from it.

But if you change your nym they call you a troll and a kook and
abuse you all the more.

Have you noticed that with all their complaining about nym shifting
they not only do it themselves, but refuse to killfile the target
-victims they demand keep one nym.

How often do you change your NYM Carol?

Once a Month? Once a Week? No, you change your NYM so often that you
can't be kept in a Killfile and as well no one can accurately filter
out the trolls from your own posts. This is the flaw.

If they don't plan to killfile the target-victim why complain
about their nym/nyms on Usenet?

Well duh, because trolls troll...

In the end the best thing to do is seek another forum I believe.
One that is moderated and can block those seeking to harass and
torment others on Usenet.

Give up free will for it's not worth fighting for. That's a rats
mentality if I ever heard one... :-)

And what will you do down the road when one of your group's admins
blocks you from posting because "cheap solutions" are not to be
talked about in within "their" group? That is why moderated groups
never took-off on the Usenet and Blogs have such a strong force on
the web right now.

But I won't stop you...
All of US will trow a going away party for you.

The attacks here are not going to cease for obvious reasons.

Obvious being what I've already said; she will never stop feeding.

This is or was true, but destructive negative people are killing
NGs nowadays because ISPs and some NSPs allow all forms of net
abuse. When I first got online 10 years ago such people would
lose their service before they could do much damage to a NG or
it's members. At least on the groups I was on.

It's easy to blame others, isn't it carol...

You got the whole Usenet situation back ass-ward.

The truth is, ISP/NSPs changed their methods because innocent people
where getting "kicked" over their independent views and opinions, not
because of trolling. As these people found other, more open services,
companies had to change their TOSs in order to compete.

Jump forward a few years and a booming Binary groups traffic has
driving away most free Usenet servers. Only the pay servers can
afford a feed these days. At the same time ISPs with ever shrinking
profits can't afford to keep providing a "secondary" service, so they
either provide it unsupported or discontinue it, forcing users to
look elsewhere.

Since the PAY servers like to keep customers, so it's far more
difficult to get that PAID user kicked...

That is what has changed.

The other trolls back him up, teach him how to hide his identity
to better abuse others, and in general encourage the abuse, then
sit back and watch the show with a bag of popcorn and a cold beer.

Simple paranoia... Pure speculation at it's best...

You think not? That's exactly what one troll admitted they do.

Proof? I doublt it.

But many people will leave rather than have to dig through a
cesspool of troll garbage and filth for that one decent message
hidden in the mess...

Why? Filters... Your not giving the newbie enough credit. If they a
have a question about what is going on in the group they will ask
(type-B) or company about it (type-A).

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