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Default Black Brush and green algae problems - wire algae

"Koi-Lo" ?@...բ wrote in

I'm not sure I know what "at same time as precipitating water
conditioners" means. I usually add them within an hour of a water
change, then the Excel every day - occasionally I forget and skip a

He means water conditioners that address things like heavy metals. I'm not
sure precipitate is the proper term to use as these metals are not actually
removed from the water solution as a solid but simply bonded to other
soluble chemicals into a non-toxic form. Some people believe these kinds
of water conditioners may remove trace elements beneficial to plants, which
they may.

I suspect even if they did the removal would not be complete when compared
to the amount you are adding to the water with fertilization. If there is
any waste your plants will still benefit from what is available during that
time rather than having to wait 48 hours for anything to be available if
you follow Jolly's recommendations.

I use Prime as a water conditioner; it is intended to be used in
conjunction with plant fertilizers. I don't know its specific effects on
the nutrients I add to my water, but my dosing schedule is complex so
whatever may be neutralized initially is quickly replenished anyway.