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Susan Hogarth
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Nosmo King wrote:
In article . com, "Susan Hogarth" wrote:
I have a lovely japanese maple sitting close to our large magnolia and
a spot we would like to use for more vegetable gardening.

Cut down the magnolia

Not going to happen! The magnolia is much bigger, older, and is a
showpiece. I like the maple, but I'm a transplant from Maryland and I
adore the magnolia and wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. It also
smells nice when it flowers which the maple never does, doesn't have
beetles eating it to shreds every summer like the maple, and stays
green all winter.

I guess we're just not japanese maple people. They are lovely trees,
but suited best for beautiful landscaping, which I am probably never
going to take up seriously (we've talked serously about growing
*wheat*!). I don't mind the maple - it has the distinct advantage of
being short and so not blocking the solar panels - but at this point I
don't particularly treasure it either. If someone would, that would be
a nice outcome.

- S.