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Default Black Alge?

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 15:20:43 GMT, "Jim Conklin"

I'm having a problem with what I would call 'black alge' on my plants
and driftwood. I have a 55 gallon discus planted tank, 2.4 watts/gallon, pH
6.2, temp 84-85F, GH 75ppm, KH 120ppm, 0 Nitrite and less then 20ppm
Nitrate. I feed the plants the usual Flourish supplements every few days.

This stuff is slimy and covers the leaves and back of the tank. It's
almost black and I clean it off with my fingers. I keep the lights on for
no more the 12 hours. Any help IDing it or suggestions on how to get rid of
it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jim C.

Any chance the tank is getting sunlight? I have mild black algae on 2
ten gallon tanks that get indirect sunlight. Mostly it gets on the
sides of the tanks in my case, a little on an anubia.

I don't use any chemicals in my tanks. I rely on the fish. I feed
the fish and the fish feed the plants.

Do all your plants have the black stuff, or is it worse for some?

Are your plants rated for the amount of light you provide? I have no
plants that are not rated "low light" because my average lighting is
less than 1.5w/g.