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Susan Erickson wrote:
On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 02:05:21 GMT, "J Fortuna"

Well, on the subject of rain: tonight we have emptied 6 buckets of rain
water that came into our laundry room, and both David and I have just spent
2 hours on our hands and knees mopping up rain water that came into our den.
Oh, and the carpet in my bedroom closet is damp, too. Please, wish us luck
that our property management company that does maintenance for our condo
association will actually clean the gutters and snake the downspouts on
Monday (as they said they would when we reported that water had come in on
Friday) -- they said that they could not fix the problem before Monday.
Grrrr%^#$!!! Let's hope that whatever they do on Monday will actually solve
the issue. And let's hope that they won't say something stupid like must
wait until it stops raining -- it's scheduled to rain here in the Washington
DC area until Wednesday night.

One would think that with all the rain, at least my orchids would be happy,
but in the past whenever it has rained heavily I have had problems with mold
on the top of the medium -- not harmful to the orchids per se, I understand,
but not pleasant for us humans.

At least our six-months old Robert is asleep. I suspect that the rain is a
pleasant white noise to him that helps him sleep. But to be honest, at this
point I would rather have a night of kid waking up every 2 hours than to
have more water flooding our place. At least I by now know how to deal with
a kid waking up at night, and no matter how fussy he can be, I love him, but
I hate this rain!


A wet/dry vaccume does wonders if it is ready to do the wet. Also a
carpet cleaning machine will help suck out the water in the rug. Just
pretend you wet it on the out sweep and do the return suck stroke.
It can pull more than you can with towels and trying to 'wick' the
water up and out.

Good luck.

Can you get a carpet cleaning service to come in? They have real heavy
duty vacuums and fans. Wet carpets are hell. It is so hard to tell when
you have done enough. Get help. You may want to use some Physan to
knock out the mold, which is sure to be there. You may want to check
with a carpet pro on that.
Good luck.
Joe T