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Richard Sexton
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Default Black Alge?

In article . net,
Jim Conklin wrote:
I have pretty good water flow: a Filstar canister filter working together
with a Marineland 350. Phosphate is very high and always has been so. This
stuff started appearing about a month ago. I've been adding a capful of
Iron supplement weekly with 50% water changes, perhaps I should add more?
I thought I was keeping the tank clean as I have crystal clear water but
perhaps I'm not. I'll try a massive cleaning: 75% water change together
w/ gravel vacuum and trimming off the infected leaves and wiping down the
sides. Does SAES stand for Siamese Algae Eaters? Thanks for the help.

Yes and they won't help here. Dose iron per the instructions, an iron
test kit woldn't hurt, trying to keep any residual level is actually
quite hard.

You're not dosing with Potassium nitrate. That's your major problem.

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