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Default Black Alge?

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Koi-Lo My impersonator is Roy TJ Hauer aka Roy. wrote:

"Richard Sexton" wrote in message
I don't use any chemicals in my tanks. I rely on the fish. I feed
the fish and the fish feed the plants.

The problem is they don't. Fertilize properly and use Co2 OR Flourish
Excel and it'll go away by itself.

In your tanks maybe. I bought all those Seachem fertilizers plus Flourish
and still have black-red algae. Let people know before spending a lot of
cash that what works for YOU may not work for THEM.

I had this crap for 7 years till Tom Barr convinced me if
I put fertilizer in the tank the algae will go away. He
uses CO2 I use Excel. Both work.

But not for everyone since not everyone has the exact same conditions you do
and these products are not cheap.

Any fool that can use google can see it's worked for everybody except you
and one other guy. This comes as no surprise as I suepct the laws of physics
don't actually apply at your house.

Excel is $8. A full load of chemicals for a year is $12 from a hydroponics

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