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Default Mail order or web site

Thanks Gail!!

I realy like the last one.

Gail Futoran wrote:
"Mike" wrote in message
I'm looking for a good site to order bare root roses from. I've tried with go luckm but I would like more opptions.

When is the best time to oder to insure the best quality roses are sent
to me.


Bareroot orders will usually go out at the
appropriate time for your region (heat zone),
usually late winter/spring. Potted roses can
be sent almost any time, but not all retailers
offer potted roses. Each site will list their own
policies. I've ordered successfully from the
following (listed in no particular order & I'm
probably forgetting one or two):
Regan Nursery -
Sam Kedem -
Roses Unlimited -
Jackson & Perkins -
John's Miniature -
Witherspoon -
Heirloom -
Heirloom has a catalog to die for. Well worth buying.

I buy locally from Antique Rose Emporium
so I can't say how their shipping goes, but
I've always had good experiences with them:

I have always taken a chance with rose retailers
and have had few bad experiences. Of course,
I wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars with a
retailer I wasn't familiar with!

HTH - Gail
near San Antonio TX Zone 8