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Default Top Savings Tip: call abroad for FREE using cross-network minutes from your mobile

Are you an O2 user with inclusive cross-network minutes? Then, you can
use them to call abroad for F R E E to every destination offered by via 0844 numbers.

It is very simple:

1) Dial 0844 452 1 452
2) At the prompt, enter the final destination you wish to call

To see if you qualify for the "Pay Monthly Free Off-peak minutes" or
"Pay Monthly Free Anytime minutes" treats, O2 users can call 2211. In
case you do, you'll be able to make free international calls against
your inclusive cross-network minutes.

Are you in O2 pay-as-you go? No problem, you can still get 100
cross-network minutes taking the O2 HOME 100 Bolt On. Moreover, if you
have been with O2 for at least 6 months, spending around 10 per
month, you may qualify for "Pay&Go Free Anytime minutes" treat.

Otherwise you can still use pennyphone's low-cost access numbers from
your landline.

Click on to see
the complete list of destinations.