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Anne Middleton/Harold Walker
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I allow all of mine to "naturalize' and accept whatever an
annual liberal spreading of 10-10-10 fertilizer........I just broadcast it
over the area.......that job will be done shortly to give a supply of extra
'food' for 'after flowering' when they are storing for next year.......HW.
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My daffodils are starting to almost come out. It seems each year I get

and less blooms. Is there something I can do this year after they bloom
(Miracle Gro or something else) that will encourage more blooms for next


After the season is over, and the grass has started to die back, dig up

bulbs, and see if any of them need to be divided. When you plant them back
in the ground, add a pinch of bonemeal.

Watering with Miracle Gro might help a bit, but unlikely to do much for