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Default Relaxation/stress relief/sensory stimulation

The message
from Janet Baraclough contains these words:

The message
from Tim contains these words:

I suffer from mental health problems and as part of my treatment attend
a gardening group. Today we were discussing about having some
plants/herbs that helped with stress relief/relaxation/stimulate the
senses/ but are not overly clued up on this.

Great idea.

Camomile tea can help insomnia, and lavender can help restlessness
during the day or night. Hops also help sleep; put dried hop flowers and
lavender flowers inside a small bag and keep it on the pillow. Hops,
camomile and lavender are all easy to grow in an outdoor garden but it
will take you a summer season to grow a crop.

... and the leaves of Lippia citriodora make a calming 'tea'.