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Default Java Moss Help

It was probably dead. If I buy the stuff from my
wholesaler, it will do the same thing. So I make sure it's
growing well in my tanks. It grows fast enough in my tanks
to keep up with the demand, but I don't dare buy it from
my wholesaler, otherwise it will go from dead green to
dead brown :-)

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Richard Sexton wrote on 8/24/2006 6:31 PM:
In article . com,
When it grows. I've just recently had a 90 FULL of the stuff, but I
went through several false starts with it. I suspect the java moss I
previously got from my LFS was dead just still green.

Nah, brown when dead, green when alive. Maybe it ran out of food. It'll
do that sometimes.

BTW, I think folks sometimes confuse Java Moss and Java Fern in terms
of rate of growth. It's been my experience that Java Fern is a pretty
slow grower.