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Default Just another reason not to like the AOS

From what I've heard about eAOS, it will only install on two computers. More
than that, I do not know. But that fact alone is a problem for societies
that would use it for shows. We have several computers going on in the
judging room.


"K Barrett" wrote in message
. ..
I'm trying to put the program on a second computer. I have it on my
desktop, and I waited to install it on my laptop because I wanted to get a
newer/lighter laptop. But that ain't a-gonna happen, so I decided it was
time to put it on the laptop.

I needed a new registration code for the second computer. I thought the
code would work, but no. So Saturday I had to bug Pam Giust for a new
which she gave me this AM. Fine.

I upgraded to v2.1 OK, but the may2006 (the 1st) download doesn't want to
unzip and install. It may be that I've managed to corrupt it. It may be
that I didn't wait 45 minutes for the info to unzip. I only waited 15
minutes. I don't recall it taking that long for the desktop, but there
are. I've had to bug Pam a second time to try to figure out how I screwed
up this time.

I think Pam must be living through a version of hell. The fellow who sits
across from her has his liver eaten every day by a vulture. On the
side is a Buddhist monk who gets more legs with each incarnation.


"Al" wrote in message
PS. You must download ALL FOUR zip files before starting the upgrade.
Unlike the first zip file and the program upgrade that preceded it, you

not download and install each one separately. All four of the final
upgrades must be present when this step of the upgrade begins.

"Al" wrote in message

After this you must download the next four upgrades (June, July Aug and
Sept. zip files) into the e-aos program folder before you restart the
program. It will tell you it found new upgrades and ask if you want to
unzip them. Say yes and go away for an hour and half. It will tell
to wait, but waiting will make you nuts. You will think nothing is
happening BUT do not stop the process or you will corrupt the main

and then you will have contact the aos customer service department.