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J Kolenovsky
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Default My first decomposed pathway ever constructed (larger pic)

Sam, its a big house for children. Grades 1-6 It is an elementary
school that asked me to donate my labor
and build a habitat for them. I just started a business, and I live in Bellaire, TX, where I am
known for my native plant fondness, The
habitat is in an enclosed courtyard and the habitat itself is 110'X40'.
I started on it 11/02/02 and it should be finished in about two more
weeks. Plumber retros the plumbing for drip irrigation, the kids will
have a planting day and I give my presentation to the principal and
teachers. Its been a cool project and they've let me have full run of it
from the get-go. Its also in a secure area. Compost area, birdbath, bog
and native plants with the decomposed granite pathway. The PTA, parenets
teachers and children all love it. The kids thank me every time they see
me. I comment to them, "Your welcome, just take care of the environment
when you grow up". Some of them seem like they could understand. Its a
seed sowing.

sam wrote:


nice job - it looks great. is all the red and gray structure your
house? looks like a really, really cool house.

thanks for posting the larger picture - the first one was like a
postage stamp on my machine.

pnw z/8

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