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Default Frogs ... a good thing or a bad thing ...

Good plan!

The frogs to me a great, the sounds remind me of simpler and better times.
But they are a nightmare if you are trying to breed Koi or goldfish! The
frogs will eat them all!

"Architecture is the ultimate erotic 'object'."
Bernard Tschumi, "Architecture & Transgression"
"K30a" wrote in message
The frogs are there to breed so they will leave eventually
and their racket will subside to a reasonable level.... usually.
Bullfrogs and Greenfrogs, being more aquatic, tend to stick
around all summer. Treefrogs and toads will disappear for the
rest of the season. Other frogs will hang around more or less
but not spend too much time calling.
And it all depends on where you live in the country. South
or North, East or West.

Draining would probably be your best bet. You could do some
cleaning at that time if needed.
Or you can try and catch the frogs and move them to a natural

To catch frogs you need two long handled sportfishing nets.
And a good friend.
And a six pack of beer.

Wait for a warm night, spray on the bug stuff and grab some
Deposit a cold six pack of beer in a bucket of
(My favorite pond keeper in Texas assures me that consuming
ice cold beer on a warm summer night helps one think
like a frog.)

Spotlight the frog and slowly position one net in front
of him and move the other net up behind him.
Bump him on the hind end and he ought to hop into
the first net.

Deposit frog in covered bucket.

Not the bucket you are keeping the beer in.

If you do that the frog will leap out when he contacts the cold beer cans.

This will cause a wild chase
through the begonias and will result in the frog getting back in
the pond...
which will call for more beer...