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Default CO2 Injectors for Land Plants? Yes yes OT OT, I know...

I would be telling an untruth if I said that the thought did not
occurred to me that everyone would be thinking that was what I was
trying to grow.
But if it is good for the aquatic plants, it must be good for my fern,
and my fern is in need of some help. So I'll figure it out.
Or maybe I'll ask around in the "Head" groups. I'm not prejudice.

Oddly enough I just watch a show on Hemp. I am not sure of the
difference between Hemp and Cannabis, but man, they were making
everything out of Hemp. It was quite impressive as a resource.


On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:53:29 +0000 (UTC),
(Richard Sexton) wrote:

In article ,
Ronn Cliborn wrote:
Is there something similar to Co2 injectors that would work for land
plants? I have a few ferns that I'd like to try to get to grow better
by adding co2. Anyone know if it would work?

I was thinking of maybe covering them with a bag or something and
putting a 2 liter open soda in with the plant. As the co2 left the
soda it should be available for the plant, right?

Anyone know of a web site that would have done experiments in this
area? Maybe graph plant growth vs CO2 PPM?

The last time I looked at this all I found was the homwgrown pot crowd
were doing it. They seem to be the only ones.