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I never felt in any danger. He was on his back flapping his
wings .........soon as I stared back at him and made cooing
noises he settled down - - waiting for me to cut and tear away
the net. That is what is strange about the whole encounter...
we were communucating.

"Bonnie Espenshade" wrote in message
Nedra wrote:
A strange thing happened in my Fully Netted pond this winter. The netted
area was about 20 x 20; the net was attached to the deck overhang.

birds kept getting trapped under the netting and the pond. None of the

drowned but only because I was at home and able to net them out.
Then one day a Hawk got tangled up inside the net.
He was flailing around something fierce - Then fell into the pond on his
back. I started ripping the net off but caught the hawk's eyes beaded

me .. I held his glare and finally got the net torn off. The bird was

20 feet from me. Once I got the net free he
was able to right himself and scramble onto the rocks.
The weather was not good for wet a bird - way below
zero. He flew up into a high tree and perched there
while the sun dried him. I was transfixed ... watching
him from the window. The look in that hawk's eyes
is still with me. He was pleading with me for help.


Hi Nedra,
I have released netted birds also, but never a hawk. A
small bird will just try to escape from you as much as
escaping from the net. Releasing a hawk must have been
scary for you as well as for him. Good job!