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Default Are Apex soil and veg plants SAFE after fire?

On 2006-10-13, laurie (Mother Mastiff) wrote:
I woke up that morning with a nasty sore throat. A couple of baby chicks in
an outside pen died.

I was not in the evacuation area, BUT, my yard was full of smoke, which the
rain precipitated into my yard.

The fall garden looks the best this year EVER. Where or how would I find
out if there is an affordable independent lab to test the soil and veggies?
I need to know if my longtime organic garden was tainted by the toxins in
the smoke from the fire.

Anyone have any ideas?

laurie (Mother Mastiff)

You probably want to check with Wake County Health Dept I would expect
they or the state should have taken samples down wind of the fire.

Possibly the extension service or NCSU might have some advice.

I don't know how far you were away or how dense the smoke was, but
that might be a factor. Unless you had a lot of smoke that actually
discolored, fences, houses, cars would I feel there is a lot of
concern. YOur odds of dying from the smoke is very much less than dying
from a trip via automobile in the next 10 years.

Probably you have a cold. Baby chicks do die on their own sometimes.


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