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Default Are Apex soil and veg plants SAFE after fire?

Probably you have a cold. Baby chicks do die on their own sometimes.

That or it was a psychosomatic response...

No, woke up with a bad sore throat, don't watch TV and hadn't heard the
radio, so had no idea what had happened till I got worried calls from my
mother in FL and friends out west. Not a cold, because I had no further
symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat was gone in 2 days. I do have
asthma, even vehicle exhaust from driving to work in bad traffic bothers me.

Baby chicks do die, though not many die here (only one age group, and it was
4 out of 16, an unusually high percentage, usually I lose on average one in
every 50-80 chicks). The ones that died were broilers, which are my first,
maybe they are more delicate than my rare breeds.

And I DO live in Apex, the other side of US-1 from the fire. Smelled the
smoke in the air. Was glad there was a lot of rain to dilute whatever the
rain was bringing to earth.

laurie (Mother Mastiff)