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Default UPDATE - Sword is flowering again, now what?

could be. Your description is a good match, and these plants were free
donations, so I have no idea what they are. The LFS gave them to me when I
bought a bunch of other stuff)...

in any case, they're good low/med height filler plants, and if they seed
frequently, I won't complain...


"zxcvbob" wrote in message
jd wrote:
Well, the "pods" have dropped off the flower stalks, and have turned into
little two-leaf "seedlings". they've drifted about and settled into the
gravel, but every night the cory cats seem to push them about to a new
place. They're nice and green, most fo them have sprouted a third leaf
(about 2 days from settling), and seem to be doing well. Biggest drag is
that thtey're too small to actually put where I want them - no roots to
speak of, and like I said, the corys are moving them anyway. Once they're
bigger, I'll move them.....

the original flower stalks are still there. they're fairly long now
(about 2 inches from split to tip), and are just sort of floating there.
The plants now have 4 flower stalks each, all of which go tothe surface
of the watter with the flower bits sticking out of the water....


"jd" wrote in message
. ..
what do the flowers look like?

I've got some mystery swords that have a flower that is 2 stalks, both
covered with tiny white flowers. After a while, the flowers fall off,
leaving little nubs on the stalks that then grow into pods...


"Bill Stock" wrote in message
My Sword is about to flower again, although I think it's a different
plant. Once it flowers, will I get seeds or plantlets or what? Not that
I really have room for more Swords at the moment, but it's an
interesting process.

Are you sure those are swords and not aponogetons (sp?)? What you're
describing is exactly what the cheap hybrid Apon "wonder bulbs" that I
bought at Walmart did when they got big. Their flower stalks came out of
the water, bloomed, and dropped rather large green seeds that sprouted
right away. The sword plant stalks stayed submerged and grew little
plantlets on the stalk where the flowers were.