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Default Cheap Metal Halide lighting

I'm looking for some 'inexpensive' Metal Halide lighting for my upcoming 90
gallon. My current 55 gallon (3') has 200 watts of CFL. So I'm looking for
about 350+ watts for the new tank. I've found the odd deal, but by the time
you add up the pieces it's still big $$s. It's also getting harder to get
items shipped to Canada these days, not sure why. The Jebo (542 honkin
watts) look interesting at $299 US, but shipping is an issue with these.
Partly due to the size no doubt.

I'm considering modifying my existing system to except two of 175 MH bulbs
and two 55 watt CFLS. I already the CFL ballasts, but the MH ballasts will
be around $200, MH bulbs $100, new CFL bulbs $40, new reflectors ? $40,
cords & sockets for the MH bulbs ? $50. As you can see I'm already well over
the price of the Jebo and I still have to build it!