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Default Cheap Metal Halide lighting

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what about the look to the owner of the aquarium. I wouldn't want my
tank looking like it was under security lights (HPS) in an industrial
park (even if the plants were huge).

LOL, I'm going to interrogate the fish too! :-)

No, if I went this route I would disassemble the lamps and build a canopy
for the bulbs and reflectors. I would likely mount the ballasts externally
to keep the heat out of the tank. I usually build my own canopy anyway, so
it's no biggy. But the reflectors on these lights don't look that efficient
and I'm not sure if the bulbs have a UV shield. I'd also like an electronic
ballast, which the Odyssea (AquaTraders) are not either.

The Tek Lights (T5 HO) by Sunlight Supply look interesting. The 6 bulb unit
would give me 324 watts and I don't have to build a canopy. Although 6 bulbs
at $20 each could be pricey to replace. I think they have better life
expectancy than Halide though.