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Default to roll or not to roll...

Stubby wrote:
Steveo wrote:
jellyfish wrote:
lawn is real soft now and ive been waiting for it to soften so i can
roll and even it out somewhat..what would be the downside of this if

Compacted soil.

Compacting the high points is what we want,

I should have expected you'd want the downside. Afterall, you're clueless

at least if it causes the
low points to be filled in.

No it doesn't.

Unfortunately, rolling has not helped my
lawn. I rented a standard 24" wide by about 15" in diameter roller and
filled it with water. This was towed around behind my tractor for
several passes. NFG.

I could have told you that if you would have asked. How do you make it
through life being such a dumbass, stub?