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Default CO2 Injectors for Land Plants? Yes yes OT OT, I know...

While doing some searching on aquaculture and hydroponics (for amazon
sword cuttings) I found that they make large CO2 generators for whole
greenhouses (they use propane or natrual gas, sounds more like CO than
CO2 to me...). Give it a shot...

NickC wrote:
Richard Sexton wrote on 21 Sep 2006:

In article ,
Ronn Cliborn wrote:
Is there something similar to Co2 injectors that would work for
land plants? I have a few ferns that I'd like to try to get to
grow better by adding co2. Anyone know if it would work?

I was thinking of maybe covering them with a bag or something and
putting a 2 liter open soda in with the plant. As the co2 left
the soda it should be available for the plant, right?

Anyone know of a web site that would have done experiments in this
area? Maybe graph plant growth vs CO2 PPM?

The last time I looked at this all I found was the homwgrown pot
crowd were doing it. They seem to be the only ones.

Bit late to the conversation, but I just discovered that hydroponics
hobbyists do this all the time. They enclose the garden in a tent or
similar. I asked the guy at the store if it's dangerous to go in a
tent full of CO2, he said plants are like the canary in the mine,
they're sensitive to high concentrations of CO2: if they die, you don't
go in the tent, otherwise it's harmless.

In our area, hydroponics doesn't have to mean pot-head, could be
someone growing home garden vegetables.