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Default Tiger Lily

What will happen if I leave it like it is? (i.e. bulb attached to
flourishing plant)

Richard Sexton wrote:
In article ,
Michael wrote:
Can anyone point me to a resource on Tiger Lily's ? or tell me about
their history?

I bought one and it is growing like crazy (great light and CO2), but I
don't know much about the plant and how it propagates. I am just
curious when the bulb 'thing' separates from the 'plant'. Oxygen
bubbles all over the underside of the leaves. Gorgeous plant.

There isn't much writtern on them that I can find.

I have a bunch. Pull the plant off when it reached a reasonable size
(a few inches) and repot it. Leave the bulb alone and it should
grow a new plant. The plant you separated should grow a new bulb.

All this presumes adequate fertilization.