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Default I'm an idiot - please help me save my Amazon Sword

Hi, well I'm an idiot...

I decided to clean out my beta's tank yesterday morning (its a tall
narrow sort of hurricane jar type thing, which the Amazon Sword loved).
Its quite heavy, so I moved out the beta and the Amazon Sword (the beta
I just put in those containers they sell betas in with the original
water) and my husband dumped out the water for me. Anyway, I then
started looking for my dechlorinator, which I couldn't find so I walked
away and got distracted - leaving the Amazon Sword in the empty tank
with the gravel but no water. This morning I remembered and went, oh no
and saw my poor plant still greenish but all dried up, and a few roots
(because I'd actually left them in the still wet gravel I guess) still
white and appeared okay. I quickly put it in regular water (never found
my dechlorinator) then went to my local Petco and bought more
dechlorinator and put the tank back together, put in the dechlorinator

So will my Amazon Sword survive? Any tips on helping it out? It already
looks a lot better since I resubmerged it but it still has an unhealthy
yellow brown tinge to the green...

Thanks in advance -