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Default Low Light Success...with Mod. Light plants

Rich Conley wrote in message ...
I know the whole issue with the traces and question is why am I
getting this growth under only 56W of light in a 55 gallon.... its 4 screw
in fluorsecent bulbs at 14 watts each....These plants shouldnt grow in
that light....thats why I'm confused.

I'm interested in the 'why' as well.
I had a 15 gallon with two 24W screw-ins. They were 6500K color temp.
My plants are mainly collected from channels/rivers. The giant eel
grass grew faster than I could prune, but my cabomba put all its
energy into 'aerial' roots. Another unknown 'crawling' plant did
hardly anything in terms of growth.

Now I have a 39 gallon with the same lights. Less intense. But
everything is going crazy. The cabomba has stopped putting out aerial
roots and is budding all along the stem. The crawling plant is doing
the same.

I'm wondering whether this is due to the lower light levels causing
the plants to require more surface area to adequately photosynthesize.
Whatever the cause, all the plants seem healthier under the lower