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Default Attaching Java Fern to drift wood

~Roy~ wrote:
I made a trade today. I swapped out a nice big softball size chunk of
pipe organ coral for two large chunks of ready to use drift, whats the best method of attaching java ferns etc to
the drift wood, rubber bands? I managed to thread some roots of
java ferns through some splits and holes etc, and stuck other JFerns
here and there with rubber is rubber bands the way to
go or what? The rubber bands are not on really tight, to the point
they cut into the roots etc, but sufficient to hold the fern in place.
I had to make space as my Helvola lilly is going crazy in growing in
the display tank, so I had to make some floor space and also space for
light ......I just planted a few onion bulbs in the tank the other day
and already they are approx 6" in length.....

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!

I've tried cotton but it didn't really work.....I still get the Java
ferns and anubias drifting off into the great beyond once the cotton
rots down.....maybe the same will apply to rubber bands as they will
also best successes have been when I've just plain pinned
down the roots on the substrate with a bit of driftwood or a rock...I
wanted to move some the other day in my 5gall tank and just couldn't
uproot it off the driftwood...but of course some of this depends on the
fish that you keep - my Clowns and Yoyos are b*ggers for sending the
stuff flying.....I have heard very good reports of using fishing line to
do the is clear so not too much of an issue on the
day I'll make it into an angling shop and buy some but IIRC as a keen
fisherman you should have some lying around....