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Default Wally World has hardy lilys for $5.44..............get em while they last! ;-)

I reallay t hink dirty talking turns CArol Gulley on..............she
must be an old pervert like her porn addicted hubby! Oh BTW good job
of forgery on that and the other posts..Your a work of art there Carol

On Sat, 17 Mar 2007 19:27:11 -0500, "Shad~Roe"


Warning to all posters on this group:

As the main "target victim" of Roy "Tristan" Hauer's constant personal
attacks and endless slander, I feel obliged to warn anyone posting here or
on RPM that the ~Roy~ posting here is the SAME ~Roy~ posting there and on
other aquarium groups. He also uses the name "Tristan" and he impersonates
people he "has it in for" posting smut and inane messages in their
names/nyms. Please be advised if you should you say something to him or
someone else on these groups, innocent as it may be that he takes exception
to, you are opening yourself to the worst verbal abuse and vicious slander
imaginable. He will follow you from one group to another to harass, slander
and degrade you - and trash the group. He will nym-shift to avoid
killfiles. It's truly the worst case of "Usenet Rage" I have seen since I
came online 11 years ago. It goes beyond trolling and into the realms of
insanity. No one, male or female is immune from this man's uncontrollable
rage - he's like a bomb, you never know what can set him off. No one
deserves to endure the abuse of this individual so I give you fair warning.

USE EXTREME CAUTION if you reply to any of his messages.

These are just a few examples of what you can expect from Mr. Hauer.
Remember, he can be your friend one minute and the next....... well, see
for yourselves. No one can justify what this person posts.


----- Original Message ----- 1
From: "Tristan" Roy "Tristan" Hauer
Newsgroups: rec.ponds
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: Attn: all true rec.ponders -please post to
news.groups.proposals -from ron

Hey Gail , suck my cock you whineing ****head! There how is that if
you think I used provocative language, before, yo lied. Now yu have a
****ing reason to whine, bitch!
---------------------------------- 2
"~Roy~" Roy "Tristan" Hauer
wrote in message ...
Ahhhhhhhhh, so if its not Miss Legale all 350+ pounds of her....whats
a matter there fat ass you like the attention you got before and had
to come back for more.......or do you plan to grab info and then slam
the group again?

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!
.---------------------------------- 3
"Tristin" Roy "Tristan" Hauer
wrote in message ...

That shit is easily circumvenbted there dipshit Your destined to be a
dumbass all your life Wayne. There is a life besides selling dead pets
and supporting trolls ya know!

------------------------------------ 4

"Dan Rather" wrote in message
m... a Roy "Tristan" Hauer
Hey Ed you also wear panties and a dress when you go by
the name of Millie? I bet you do your wife and momma proud! You old
cocksucker you!

Now I am out of here, I do not have time to play with you jerkoffs
that are just small potatoes, who will never amount to anything other
than dog shit between the toes of Carol Gulley......

I'll drop in from time to time just to keep things the way I left
them! hahahahahaha ya ****ing looser, so don't get too comfy!
You can reach -Ed Alston at

-------------------------------- 5
Roy" wrote in message -- Roy "Tristan" Hauer

Hey Ron, you can go **** yourself too....and then lick my ass, I could
give a flying **** what yuou google up or google down, it matters not
to me. I am not afraid to own up to anything I posted anywhere

Put some color in your naked!
"The original frugal ponder"

More if you can stomach it.

USE CAUTION when replying to this person.

"~Roy~" wrote in message
Subject says it all!

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!