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Default Attaching Java Fern to drift wood

Gill Passman wrote:

I've tried cotton but it didn't really work.....I still get the Java
ferns and anubias drifting off into the great beyond once the cotton
rots down.....maybe the same will apply to rubber bands as they will
also best successes have been when I've just plain pinned
down the roots on the substrate with a bit of driftwood or a rock...I

I use rubber bands on a log and it works fine. By the time the rubber band
breaks, or I remove it, the java fern has rooted into every crevice on the

I've got one 8"-10" log that started out with one small java fern on it. Now
you can't see the log and I've moved several plants off of it and into other

It's turtles, all the way down