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Default ivy removal - bobcat?

"Adam" wrote in message
i have a huge ivy removal project on tap this spring.

im thinking i will mow the ivy down as far as i can and then take a
bobcat to it.

is there any special attachment i can use with the bobcat or is the
best practice to use the standard loader bucket and scrape the ivy and
its roots out of the soil? i thought about the tiller attachment so i
could till the entire yard at once, but i'm not sure that would work
very well.

any help is greatly appreciated, and wish me luck!!!

Ivy is a total pig of a plant to remove. I doubt that you will be able to
get all the roots out no matter what you do. Unless you remove a LOT of the
soil to a great depth, I believe it will just resprout and you'll eventually
need to use poison on it as well. I've had some success with tree and
blackberry killer but even then it resprouts and needs a new dose. I think
ivy is just plain evil stuff so I wish you all the luck in the world with
this venture.