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Default Trying to join RPM?

On Mar 20, 1:39 pm, ~Roy~ wrote:

Amazing how many folks email me behind the scenes carol........totally
amazing! Only sick and depraved animal on usenet or in these groups is
Carol Gulley the attention whore

Then post something about plants.
This is not about plants so do not post.
All we see here anymore is you two crying about how evil the other is.

This is a plant list, not a public whiner's forum.
You both have said all anyone ever wants to hear, so move on and stop
wasting your and everyone's time.

Folks come here to read about the hobby, plants etc, not to hear you
two kiddies cry and complain about the other.

That much I am sure of.
This has gone on for sometime now, move on, both of you.
Neither of you are helping the hobby or the folks involved in it.

Tom Barr