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Default bleach treatment for soaking plants to remove snails, how long?

".D.E." wrote in message
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I'm over run with trumpet snails and have decided to completely gut my
wash and shift the snails out of the gravel, dip my plants in a 5%
of bleach to kill any snails and put the plants in a bucket of water which
I'll change a couple of times with fresh water. I was going to leave the
plants in the bleach solution for about 3-5 mins, then rinse them off and
put them into a bucket filled with ordinary water with a shot of chlorine
remover. I'll change this a couple of times just to make sure all the
chlorine is gone.
So 3-5 mins should kill all the baby snails on the plants correct?


It might be worth putting some loaches in first.
Should be less snails to bleach off later.