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Default Has anyone ever grown tobacco?

Smoking tobacco is not an easy crop to grow unless you live in the deep south
with a long growing season and plenty of heavy equipment and man/woman power.
Then you'd need a place to cure it. It will never taste like the cigarettes you
smoke now because they add at least a hundred chemicals to tobacco (including
added nicotine to keep you well addicted) which distinguishes the "brands," one
from another.

Why not just quit. Smoking was always like a ball and chain to me. Do I have
cigarettes, do I need them, how many are left, cough, cough, cough. I'd get
every flu every time it came around, I'd have sore throats, heavy chest colds,

Smoking is not a moral issue for me, it's a health issue. I will be damned if
I'll pay 35 dollars for a carton every week. Instead, I have 140 dollars a
month to spend on my other hobbies, stitching and gardening.


On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:22:43 -0600, wrote:

With the price of cigarettes going up, I have taken to rolling my owm.
I have no intention of quitting, but I am getting tired of paying
those prices, and they are talking about adding more taxes. I live on
a small farm, and have done my share of gardening, but I have cut back
on the gardening because I grow all the veggies, and have no way to
store most of them, and they just go to waste. Bring a smoker, I
thought that I might be better using that garden space for tobacco.
I am only planning on a small patch, maybe 25 x 50 feet, just to grow
my own for myself.

I'd like to hear from others that have grown tobacco and learn what to
do, and not to do.