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Default X-post: Poisonous plants and childcare

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FlowerGirl wrote:
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... so our C&K centre has to sign a doc saying that there are no
poisonous plants on the premises .. and as a botanist (with a very
different area of specialty) they've turned to me for guidance.

From what I understand, we just have to sign off that there are no
poisonous plants on the place....the problem is that there doesn't
seem to be an official list of plants that we can sign off against,
..... and pretty much any plant could kill you if you eat the wrong
bit, don't prepare it properly or you just eat enough of it.


Interesting, on many levels.

I hope you are not personally held accountable if you sign off and some

eats a weed grown from bird poop
( I really can't see how they can monitor this - ESP. without a list to
tick off, and as you say ... everything in moderation .. heh

I remember that the C&K have parents sign some sort of legal thingy saying
that they can't sue members of the P&C.... and as I'm not actually signing
the form, just pointing out what plants are iffy.

Without a list, how does the non-Botanist/average Jane know her poison

her delicious treat ?

The web site alley mentioned has a good list of the really bad ones which
are probably the only real dangers. I have an old version of the booklet
which is quite informative too.
Duranta (sheena's gold) is a plant that heaps of people use as hedges here
.... I hate the thing anyway as its a *weed* but the berries are quite
I think kidsafe also have information on this which is useful.