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Default Scale control - methods for indoor control?

one day i looked at my (numerous) amaryllii and discovered they had soft
scale--after considerable stomping about and use of four letter words, i
set to with the alcohol and q tips and cotton balls, and when all that
was done, sprayed the hell out of them with a commercially available
premixed neem oil solution. i repeated the spraying a couple more times
at weekly intervals, and haven't had a problem since. (and yes these
plants are in the house.) what i *did* notice was that when i sprayed
plants out on the deck with neem oil, the squirrels LOVED it. they
pulled the leaves off the hibiscus and ate 'em like burritos. since i
didn't find any squirrel carcasses, i can only assume the stuff's non

this is what i use:

i also spray down all the orchids with it a couple times a year whether
they need it or not.