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Default Scale control - methods for indoor control?

We prefer not to use alcohol on the roots. Seems to really dry them out.
Actually, we don't use any of these contact-only substances as a drench,
although I'm sure some soap and/or Neem gets in the pots when I get the
toothbrush out (I really try not to let much alcohol drip in, but with the
soap or Neem I feel free to slosh and splash.) If the bugs are in the pots,
chances of getting them all that way are pretty slim.

I wouldn't use either soap or Neem on parched plants, esp. as a dip or
drench, but if you water immediately beforehand, you are further diluting
your "pesticide."

My cat stays indoors, but I'm sure the dog has managed to lap up some Neem
here and there with no ill-effects. The dog will eat or drink ANYTHING.

I don't care for the smell of Neem (garlic beginning to spoil???), but it's
not strong and doesn't last long with good ventilation. It would, however,
probably deter a self-respecting cat G.
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"BruceM" wrote in message
Thank you.... I think I will try soap and water with a tooth brush and
follow it with soap and alcohol or insecticidal soap spray.
Unfortunately the 30+ plants are in close proximity, so I have a little
bit of work inspecting and cleaning! It looks like the major problems are
on 2-3 plants, but there a light signs on many others.

Is it a good idea to water the plants and then drench the medium and roots
with a soap and water or soap and alcohol mix?

I have a older cat with kidney disease, and really want to avoid anything
that will affect her if at all possible.

"BruceM" wrote in message
After reading many posts on scale cotrol, it looks Enstar II in
comobination with Orthene WP would be a good way to go, but I am not sure
I would want to use it on my plants kept in the house around pets. I
only have about 30 pots, all kept in the house, and would prefer a less
"nuclear" way to do it.

At the moment I only have one plant that I can defintiely say has scale ,
and it is in bad enough shape I am just going to throw it away.

Anyone have personal experience with using something available in common
box stores (don't throw anything)? I alwasy keep lots of safer
insecticidal soap on hand for my roses and think I may try that and / or
a alcohol spray.